A War of Values With Russia

Ответ Андерса фог Расмусена, бывшего премьер-министра Дании и генерального секретаря НАТО, на бредовое мартовское интервью российского посла в Дании Михаила Ванина


в котором прозвучали слова угрозы: “Я не думаю, что в Дании в полной мере понимают последствия того, что произойдет, если Дания присоединится к возглавляемой США системе противоракетной обороны. Если это случится, датские военные корабли станут мишенями для российских ядерных ракет”.


“Russia’s nuclear threats, against Denmark and others, are the hallmark of a weak country in economic, demographic and political decline. NATO has not aggressively victimized Russia, as Kremlin propaganda claims. The current conflict between Russia and the West – centered on the crisis in Ukraine – is, at its core, a clash of values.


For Russia, the threat posed by the Ukrainian protesters was existential. In demanding change, freedom, and democracy – right on Russia’s doorstep, no less – the protesters challenged Putin’s model of “sovereign democracy,” in which the president eliminates all opposition, restricts media freedom, and then tells citizens that they can choose their leaders. The Kremlin feared that if the Ukrainians got what they wanted, Russians might be inspired to follow their example.

That is why Russia’s leaders have been so keen to label Ukraine’s leaders as Russophobes and fascists. It is why they have portrayed the Baltic States for years as dysfunctional oppressors of their Russian citizens. And it is why they are now portraying the EU as decadent, immoral, and corrupt. The Kremlin is trying desperately to convince Russians that liberal democracy is bad, and that life under Putin is good. That requires not only spreading damaging lies at home, but also sowing violence and instability among its neighbors.”

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